Dr. Kobros

Advisory Board of The Dr. Kobros Foundation

Ragnar Kobros III

Ragnar Kobros III, grandson of the founder, is the chairman of the board of the Foundation. He oversees everything concerning the Foundation and the many corporations and secret societies associated to it. Advancement of snake oil is his whole life.

Gaylord L. Lohiposki

Gaylord L. Lohiposki is the interim Chief Executive Officer of the Dr. Kobros Corporation. He's in charge of the day-to-day operations and funding of the different branches of the conglomerate.

Dr. Octavius Vesala

Dr. Octavius Vesala is in charge of the Research & Development division of the Foundation. He's a Medical Doctor (MD) specialized in enemathology. A true philanthropist and the world's oldest child progeny, Dr. Vesala has helped and continues to help many with his patented wonder medications. He truly is the torchbearer of the spirit of Ragnar Kobros!

Abu Pekkis al-Louhela

Abu Pekkis al-Louhela is the founder of Red Jihad, a huotilistic terrorist organization plotting to overthrown the government. He's in charge of the Foreign Relations division of the Foundation, spreading worldwide instability with corruption, lies and armed insurgencies. He's also the leader of the Axis of Evil.