Dr. Kobros

The Dr. Kobros Corporation

A corporation was founded after the second world war to protect and to further develop the intellectual and physical assets of the Dr. Kobros Foundation, and to monetize on snake oil deposits discovered within the foundation's global sphere of influence.

In all issues concerning the corporation, please contact interim CEO Gaylord L. Lohiposki.

Corporate Structure

RK Holdings

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Dr. Kobros Foundation, RK Holdings (Nasdaq: RKH) is an umbrella corporation owning the majority of the companies within the intentionally complex structure of the foundation-controlled conglomerate.

RK Holdings stock is traded in major exchanges around the world.

Kobros Brothers

A well established investment bank and insurance company based in New York, Kobros Brothers made a gazillion dollars selling toxic loans and semi-fraudulent insurance plans.

During the 2008 crisis, thanks to the generous gifts we had given to powerful people, Kobros Brothers received extensive government support and made even more money at tax payers' expense.

Kobros Medical

Kobros Medical is specialized in developing medications to lifestyle diseases of the well-developed nations. We are proud to be a part of the problem instead of providing real solutions. Just keep on overeating and smoking, Kobros Medical will keep your heart beating!

In addition, Kobros Medical keeps true to the Dr. Kobros tradition by developing all sorts of quack qures for all ailments imaginable. Be it our patented Radi-Vita™ radium suppositories, Dr. Vesala® brand enema machines or different aromatherapy aromas, Kobros Medical provides!

Kobros Digital

Kobros Digital has participated in multiple bubbles already, and plans to be around for many more. At the moment we are concentrating on social networking: we are planning to launch a new Facebook later this year, only better!


KobroTek develops exciting new civilian and military technologies. Fusion energy (cold and hot), wearable computing, virtual reality, strategic defence iniatives and other wonder weapons, you name it!

Ko-Green Waste Management & Engineering Company

Mainly operating in mainland China, Ko-Green does environmentally friendly waste disposal and engineering of major projects: factories, bridges, apartment blocks, et cetera. At Ko-Green, nothing goes to waste™.

Air Kobros

A low-cost airline competing with Ryanair and the likes of it, we guarantee the worst possible service and will charge you extra for every little imaginable thing!